Dental Query: Should You Get a Second Opinion?

  • Posted by Kent Davis
  • at Wednesday, September 18, 2013 -
Your dentist, like all other medical practitioners, should not render a diagnosis for an illness or condition without thorough examination of the symptoms and other elements like samples of your blood, examination of your gum tissue, an x-ray of your teeth, etc. This meticulousness should be banked on by all their clients and patients.

However, there are times when your dentist makes a call that might get you wondering if a second opinion should be sought. For instance, a diagnosis of a major condition such as oral cancer or a chronic periodontal disease might find some people second guessing. Also, the patient might be having some issues regarding the reliability of the dental professional or the efficiency of his work.

In cases like this, seeking a second opinion isn't always a bad thing. As a matter of fact, the diagnoses of two different dentists might even help you get a clearer view with regards to your condition and thus make a more informed choice. Likewise, getting a second opinion that ends up proving your primary dentist's diagnosis just might disperse any cloud of doubt.

There are instances where you could ask your primary dental health professional if you could opt for a second opinion, and if he's confident enough about his work, he just might greenlight it. Get a referral from him, or contact a local dental school or organization to help you look for a second opinion.