Studies Show Diet Soda is Just as Bad for Teeth

  • Posted by Kent Davis
  • at Thursday, July 25, 2013 -
Diet soda contains less or no sugar, so it's bound to be less risky for your teeth, right? It's just as bad, according to a recent report published in General Dentistry. This is because sugar, says the report, is hardly to blame. Both regular and diet soda have the same level of acidity, which can melt through the tough enamel. While diet soda contains less sugar for bacteria to feed on, the high level of acidity can spell disaster for your pearly whites.

When researchers compared three sets of teeth—the first from a meth user, the second from a cocaine user, and the third from a heavy soda drinker—the resemblance was striking. Soda eroded teeth as much as cocaine and meth did. Worse, all three sets of teeth were in an advanced state of decay.

Keeping soda intake to a minimum and brushing your teeth every day can prevent tooth decay and tooth loss. In response to the aforementioned study, the American Beverage Association reminded the public to drink moderate amounts of carbonated drinks.

Keep in mind that soda is never meant to be consumed like water. If you insist on drinking soda, make sure to follow it up with good oral hygiene. If you can't brush your teeth or gargle with mouthwash after drinking soda, you should gargle with water to protect the enamel. Remember that tooth enamel is the only thing standing between bacteria and the more sensitive areas in your tooth.