The Typical Dental Team

  • Posted by Kent Davis
  • at Thursday, October 17, 2013 -
While the dentist is the heart of any dental practice, he doesn't work alone. Someone has to receive new patients, prepare the anesthetic, apply agents, and clean the instruments. For the most part, the dentist has neither the time nor need to do these things; he normally has his hands full performing the more precise operations, like tooth extraction. This is why the dentist keeps a skilled team of specialists to help him make preparations and treat patients.

The composition of a dental team varies by office; but the most common include an anesthesiologist, hygienist, receptionist, and dental nurse. The more extensive dental offices, which offer more than general dentistry, may include an in-house orthodontist and dental therapist. In some cases, the dentist may assume multiple roles as long as he's trained and certified to do so. A general dentist, for example, can also be an orthodontist.

Except for the dentist, the dental team is normally limited to pre-operative procedures like preparing the tools, giving patients the anesthetic, and so on. It's the duty of the dentist to ensure that these procedures go smoothly to ensure the safety of the patient. The dentist never leaves the most important and complicated treatments to his team, making him the glue that holds the team together.