Helping Kids Overcome Dental Fear

Allaying the fears of dental visits can be tough. This can be the case when these helpful doctors dedicated to getting their patients' teeth strong, clean, and healthy are used by many parents and other adults to scare kids into demanding their full compliance.
To help your child become more comfortable when visiting a dentist, it's best to not to talk about one in a bad light. However, kids sometimes get the idea that dentists are scary through their friends or the media. If your child asks questions about dentists, try your best to answer them truthfully.

Dismiss the rumors quickly by supplanting them facts about what actually happens in a dental office. Tell your child that a dentist's primary concern is no less than the health of his or her teeth. The more careful he or she is in maintaining good oral hygiene, the less stressful a trip to the dentist will be.

It would be easier for kids to change their impression of a dentist from fear to trust and confidence. This is ideal if their first dental visit will simply be a dental check-up instead of the more delicate tooth extraction. It's also for the best interest of your child if his or her first dentist has ample experience in dealing with kids.