Dentures and Tooth Regeneration

For those who lost their teeth to decay or an accident, there may soon be a new way to restore your pearly whites. Researchers at the University of Southern California are studying the ability of alligators to grow their teeth in the hopes of one day recreating the process in humans.

The researchers are closely looking into stem cell pockets located at the base of each alligator’s teeth. They are using various methods to learn more about this natural phenomenon. They found that these cells sit in a layer of tissue called the dental lamina.

Humans also have that kind of tissue in their teeth, but it becomes dormant once the permanent replacement teeth have been produced. The next logical step for these researchers is to find out how these tissues can be awoken to replace a missing tooth lost due to a myriad of reasons. The analysis can take years.

Until this technology becomes a reality, however, dentures fitted by a reliable Concord dentist will remain as one of your best options for replacing lost teeth. With dentures, you can regain your smile and restore your confidence almost immediately.

There are various dentures to choose from. With the help of a trusted dentist in Concord, you’ll be assured of natural looking dentures that match your tooth color and facial structure.