Getting the Right Replacement Teeth from a Skilled Concord Dentist

Having to wear dentures all day can be uncomfortable and painful for some because of the strain it puts on the gums. However, as the article from Dentistry IQ states, the results of using partials and dentures can be predictable if they are fabricated and fitted correctly by a reliable dentist in Concord.

For patients who prefer a different treatment, dental implants and bridges can be the right replacement teeth. Implants and bridges closely resemble natural teeth in appearance and function, but they are more costly. Additionally, not everyone can be a candidate for dental implants, so it’s better to ask your local Concord dentist, Dr. Kent Davis, D.D.S., for a professional assessmen.


Get Treatment for Chronic Dry Mouth from Your Concord, CA Dentist

Saliva plays an important role in preventing plaque buildup by maintaining the acidity levels in the mouth. The absence of the fluid will only exacerbate tooth rot, and it can even lead to serious dental diseases and problems, and affect one’s overall health and lifestyle. This is why people suffering from this symptom should visit a professional dentist in Concord, CA to ensure that their teeth and gums are still healthy. The dentist can also give advice on the kind of treatments or oral hygiene habits that will help cure the symptom or keep it at bay.

A capable dentist in Concord, CA such as Dr. Kent Davis, D.D.S., offers various services to patients in the area, including addressing dental issues caused by xerostomia. A dentist will usually prescribe the right dental treatments to repair or replace damaged or lost teeth, prescribe necessary medication, and help patient establish a self-care program (which includes regular brushing, examining mouth for sores, and flossing) to avoid further dental health applications.


Quick Tips to Prevent Snoring

If you have a snoring problem (the people in your house might know, if you aren’t sure), then you should have yourself checked by your local dentist, particularly one who offers snoring treatment, since it might be a sign of something worse than just an annoying involuntary habit. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do yourself to try and curb this habit. So complement your dentist’s recommendations with:

Changing Sleep Positions 

When you lie on your back, the base of your tongue collapses onto the back wall of your throat, which then vibrates as you try to breathe in your sleep. Try sleeping on your side. If you’re not comfortable with this position, you can always use a full-length pillow to support your body to the side as you sleep.

Sleeping Right

If you sleep very late and wake up way too early each morning, then your muscles tend to be too fatigued by the time it gets some much needed rest. This, in turn, means that your throat muscles become floppy and thus allow for more vibration and snoring. A good sleeping habit should be enough to curb this.

Losing Weight 

When you gain weight, the bulk of fat that your body stores tends to squeeze and decrease the internal diameter of your throat. This then means that your throat is more likely to provide a small passage for air during your sleep, causing pretty much the same snoring problems as the previous two examples


A Trusted Concord Dentist Can Restore Your Perfect Smile with Dentures

Until this technology becomes a reality, dentures fitted onto you by a reliable Concord dentist remain to be one of your best options for replacing lost teeth. With dentures, you can regain your smile and restore your confidence almost immediately.

There are a variety of dentures to choose from. With the help of a trusted dentist in Concord like Dr. Kent Davis, you’ll be assured of receiving natural looking dentures that match your tooth color and facial structure.


Dentist in Concord, CA: Snoring Solutions—Useful Tips to Stop Snoring

If these efforts prove unfruitful, know that a dependable dentist in Concord, CA offers another nifty solution: Oral appliances. These dental devices are placed in the mouth and worn much like a sports mouth protector, except you wear them during sleep. They keep the airways open while you sleep, thereby preventing the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues at the back of the throat that cause snoring.

Talk to a trusted dentist in Concord, CA like Dr. Kent Davis to learn more about this extremely effective dental technology.


Things to Know About Tooth Whitening from a Reliable Concord Dentist

As much as people wish otherwise, teeth discoloration is unavoidable and arguably a part of life. According to Doctor Tipster, however, old age should be the only reason why teeth turn ugly. In practice, bad habits like excessive smoking and eating make it so that stained, yellowish teeth are also common among adults and young people.

If the teeth have already lost much of their luster, there’s no way for them to become pearly white again save for a teeth whitening procedure. Thankfully, this basic oral treatment is typically offered by a renowned Concord dentist, like Dr. Kent Davis from Smile Family Dentistry, or any other reliable dental practitioner. Sure, there are over-the-counter whitening treatments that can be bought from the local pharmacy or supermarket. However, a tooth whitening procedure performed by a professional is much more effective and thorough.


Thanks to Denti-Cal, You Can Visit a Dentist in Concord, CA More Often

In previous years, poor income forced many families in California to forgo quality dental care. This was unfortunate, considering that dental ailments like tooth decay are some of the most common chronic diseases in the US. However, things may be changing for the better now that Gov. Brown has signed a bill to make Denti-Cal more accessible to everyone. The return of government-funded dental insurance will allow approximately 10 million Californians to have basic dental benefits by June, 2015.

This is good news indeed because those enrolled in the program can now visit a reliable dentist in Concord, CA, like Dr. Kent Davis, more often for their checkups and dental procedures without having to worry about the bill. People who previously paid no attention to their oral health should think about signing up for Denti-Cal because even a simple dental exam can save them from a world of trouble in the future.